​Érica Cristina

A Success Story

Businesswoman native of Campinas, mother of a teenage daughter and owner of one of the best beauty salons in the region, Érica Cristina is a woman dedicated and determined to success. In fact, your determination and dedication is what brought us this beautiful success story!

We interviewed Érica Cristina and we want to share it with you.

Have you had any difficulties in your career? Which one?

Yes, I went through many difficulties, one of them was giving up my rental house and going to live in a shack for 9 months without water and electricity, so I could keep renting my salon.


How big was your salon?

It was 22m2.

How big is your current salon?

Now I'm in a 137m2 room.


Why did you need this change?

After I started working with Macpaul, customer demand started to increase considerably. The space became small and my team no longer supported, I was forced to expand the services and automatically the space.

How did Macpaul help you get to where you are now?

Macpaul welcomed me and offered access to the products quickly, the transparency of the company and the products won me over. Macpaul believed in my ability to grow as a partner, and when that connection is visible, you can safely represent the brand.

Growth is just a matter of time.

How has the Macpaul boutique helped in your sales of home care products?

In my opinion, home care products have always been the key to wonderful hair. And displaying products properly has always been a challenge, as we women buy through the eyes. The boutique with wonderful and bright design brought wealth and more beauty to the products leaving them organized.

What advice would you give to all women with families to care for, daily chores and a beauty salon to administer?

Dividing yourself between businesswoman, mother, wife and still having to manage all this becomes a challenge. The secret is to have discipline and a great management of your time. And of course, trust God at all times to direct you.


Boutique Macpaul's charming and unique design is drawing the attention of customers and players. Anyone who thinks it is just a decoration item is wrong.

In addition to the boutique valuing the look of our products even more, several beauty salons that already have it were surprised by the result in sales.

In fact, statistics are indicating an increase of 30% on average in sales of Home Care Macpaul products where the Boutique is located.

It has five rows very well lit with advanced LED technology that allows the entire Home Care line to be displayed with glamor and attractiveness.

Now you think: How to acquire? That's the best part! The beauty salon can have this beautiful piece in your environment without spending anything on it, just negotiate with your Macpaul seller a package of regular purchases of Home Care Macpaul products.

Your salesperson will take the products and the boutique to your salon, and every month the salon must replace the products sold.

Don't be left out of this fever. Allow this unique piece to be part of your salon and take it to another level. Macpaul, from professional to professional.


As the international public is aware, the capillary technology developed in Brazil is one of the most advanced in the world. With its own laboratory and exclusive formulas of high performance, Macpaul became part of the world circuit of hair cosmetics, being present at the most important fairs and events of professional cosmetics in Asia, Europe and the United States of America. In 2019, Macpaul products began to be distributed in Canada, India, Honduras and Colombia, adding to the already existing distributions in Puerto Rico, United States of America, United Arab Emirates, Iraq, Jordan, Arabia, Oman, Kuwait and Bahrain. Macpaul has its products registered in more than 35 countries, with distribution in more than 15 nations. A new calendar of presentations and events in Asia, Europe and the Americas is already being planned for 2020, including Italy, the United States, France and Dubai. Macpaul plans to double its exports by the end of this year. Macpaul, the quality you know, the company you trust ... now worldwide.

Induction Sealing

Macpaul adopts induction sealing. The powder texturizer of the Flash Line and Traditional Paul line has gained a new ally for its quality, now the packages will be sealed through an induction seal. It is a system that uses magnetism to seal the packaging without any operator having to touch the seal, everything is done remotely, by induction.

This seal guarantees to the consumer the integrity of the product and especially without risk of leakage.

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