Leave-In Moisturizer

Ideal after brush and to style any hair. Soft formulation. It does not weight on hair. It can be used also before entering the pool or the sea, just use a moderate amount. It helps in hair hydration just let it act on your hair for several hours.

Finishing Pomade

With its high performance polymers, it shapes and fixes giving personality to the hairstyle. It forms a modeling film around the threads, fixing, protecting and moisturizing. Assets:

- Amphomer 28 - High performance polymer;

- Highly resistant to humidity; It forms strong films.

Hair Style Cream

Made from sunflower extract and noble silicones, it disciplines the threads giving a great combability and in the case of curly hair it is very good in defining them. Promotes texture for asymmetric cuts giving a better finish.

Assets: DC 9027 - provides intense shine, not oily, lines the hair so that when exposed to light, reflects intense shine.

Sunflower Extract: Protector of the tissues (skin and hair), conditioner, emollient and anti-free radicals. Vitamin E (tocopherols); Vitamin F (arachidis linoleic acid); Flavonoids, carbohydrates and proteins.

Brush Facilitator

Its formula has polyquartenium and a set of amino acids essential to the hair, it balances the pH thus avoiding friction during brushing. Used in humid hair, it facilitates untangling the hair, forming a film around the strands.

Activated by the action of heat promotes shine and softness to the hair leaving a natural and healthy aspect.

Ideal for chemically processed and frequently brushed hair.

Hair Spray

Versatile product that was created to model and fix for a long period, giving to the professional all the support when executing hairstyles from the simplest to the most sophisticated. With its continuous jet valve, it proposes faster drying, fixing without leaving residue on the threads. Depending on the distance to be applied, we obtained a result of high fixation, light fixation, anti-frizz and shine. It has a balanced concentration based on resins, water and micropolymers developed to give more body and structure to the threads.

Intense Shine

In addition to giving shine and softness to the threads, contains UV protection in its formula, noble silicones and shine-giving polymers. It can be used daily with dry or wet hair, without the risk of residue accumulation on the strands. It is light and easily comes off the threads with normal washing.

Indicated for structuring hairstyle, leaving the threads with dry appearance, matte finish, providing light fixation and pleasant fragrance. In addition, it increases the caliber of the hair fiber. Its powdered formula absorbs oiliness from both the hair and the scalp, enabling a finish with a modern and styled hairstyle.

Powder Texturizer

Split End Oil

Its formulation uses agents that contribute to repair and protect the ends of the hair. The silicone drops, when applied to the threads still moistened, provide softer and shiny hair. Its continuous use is indicated for threads with dry, damaged and split ends.

Split End Oil - 30ml, Powder Texturizer - 22g, Finishing Pomade - 60g, Hair Style Cream - 150g, Brush Facilitator - 220ml, Intense Shine - 150ml, Hair Spray - 400ml, Moisturizer Leave-In - 500g