Inner Force Biotin

Formula enriched with Biotin and Vitamin E. It plays an important role in influencing the regulation of special hair proteins, reducing breakage, increasing strand gauge and strengthening the hair follicle helping to reduce hair loss when caused by people with very fine hair and fragile. ​



• For oily and mixed hair, use the mask only twice a week, avoiding conditioner near the root.

• Dry hair, use the mask 3 times a week.

• Every 15 days a massage can be done with the Inner Force Biotin mask, applying to the scalp, making light movements only with the fingers, then go down to the length and ends, let it act for 5 minutes and rinse well.

• For those who wash their hair every day, use only shampoo and conditioner, mascara use 2 to 3 times a week at most.

• When applying the mask, you can feel a slight roughness in some points of the hair, along with the silky touch, this is normal because the biotin present in the mask is acting on the most sensitized points of the hair fiber.