Our Mission

Macpaul has and always had the objective of producing products with quality above what is found in the market, to be different, to launch trends. Currently, we participate in the main international fairs in order to modernize, reinvent and at the same time expand our horizons.

A solid and serious company, on the market for 25 years, is committed to the health of its client, together with their total satisfaction.

The quality you know and the company you trust!

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Green Factory

Our manufacturing processes are modern to the point that they generate almost no waste, and we are concerned with treating water and effluents in a way that does not contaminate or harm enviroment. We have never used a drop of formaldehyde in our products, even when unfair competition has taken advantage of these subterfuges without worrying about human life. We have never carried out tests on animals, and we always look to the market for suppliers of responsible and serious raw materials, mostly multinational and regulated companies, and this choice clearly reflects the result that our products provide.

Where We Operate

Our business segment consists of the professional sector, with the main focus being beauty salons. In this way, we guarantee that the same treatment you will receive in beauty salons will have at your home. In these 25 years we have expanded our brand not only throughout the country, but also internationally. We are present in more than 12 countries and increasing every day.

Beauty Salons Partners

We value our partners who wear the Macpaul´s t-shirt and work with us side by side promoting the brand and proving its quality throughout Brazil. We have a highly qualified technical team that conduct courses, workshops and large events and also digital influencers that enrich our social media. Macpaul considers its partners very valuable and for this reason they are showered with exclusive benefits.

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Our Brands