Prevents dryness, eliminates frizz, reduces volume, antioxidant and regenerative effect, improves shine and softness. It has hydrophobic properties that repels moisture and protects the hair.


Restores and revitalizes hair. It is a powerful antioxidant. Rich in vitamins and natural elements that strengthen the hair. Highly moisturizing properties improve shine and combability, increase the resistance of the hair. Conditioning, emollient and instant shine, resulting from the combination of high substantivity.

Contains: Shampoo - 240ml, Conditioner - 240ml, Mask - 200g, Argan Oil - 60ml


Marrocan Mask has a high hydrating and revitalizing power. It contains argan oil, making it a powerful product that promotes the elasticity of the threads, gives a luminous shine and helps to renew the hair against damage caused by heat, wind, oxidation or excessive brush and chemicals.


Marrocan Oil is a hair finishing product that contains argan oil. It provides protection from damage caused by heat, wind and pollution. It protects the color and also promotes the realignment of the cuticle, very good for those who do coloring and keratin treatment often. Rich in vitamin E and steroids that contribute to the retention and restoration of capillary moisture.